Totoro’s Magic Zen Garden

Did you see the Mini Otter Zen Gardens I made recently?

Well, I also made something else. Remember when I said that sometimes, crafts make themselves? This was another one of those cases. I was supposed to be making otters, and Totoro came out of the clay. Strong and determined, he took shape and then requested a garden for himself. How could I refuse? He is Totoro, after all!

And the garden that came out is…well, magic. No other word can be used to describe this little zen garden that simply transforms itself with a turn of a pebble!

Check out my Etsy shop here and get ready to be amazed at Totoro’s magicalness.

Are you ready?

Here goes!

Totoro sits peacefully on his special stone


And then jumps off and – hey wait a second, what’s under the stone?! Are those….dust bunnies??
Totoro’s Zen Garden…


And then suddenly, Totoro’s Magic Zen Garden!
These could be yours


A garden transformed…the Magic is there, just a pebble-turn away!


5 Comments on “Totoro’s Magic Zen Garden

      • If you’re looking to expand your circle then I have some advice. 😀 Visit many other blogs and leave nice and supporting comments :3 doing that you will make your network bigger and bigger ;D Plus, You give support to others and get support in return 🙂

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  1. Bellissimo , Totoro è adorabile. Come pure le lontre (la mia preferita è Filomena con le sue soddisfazioni famigliari) ed i rispettivi giardini di sasso. Peccato che essere tuo padre renda ridondante essere tuo cliente. Bacio


    • Grazie Papi! Un commento positivo è sempre un commento positivo!


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