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Mini Terrarium Makeover

I do love terrariums!

Ship Shadow Box

Improvised and splendid

Decoupaged tray

I love fish. Apparently.


Just sharing something I made

Broken glass

I made this. What do you think?

Bloomin’ Candleholders

Light. Flowers. Colour. What more could you want?

Totoro’s Magic Zen Garden

I made magic today

Otter totems

Creating creating and creating some more!

Plane Doodling

Going to Cuba. Even a direct flight is too long.

Crafts that make themselves.

I’m definitely going to make more!


Useless but useful at the same time

Otters otters everywhere!

They’re invading our house!


I remember I painted this watercolour a while ago, taken by the urge to paint clouds. I remember that the cactuses turned out to be quite flat and the clouds decent, and I remember me thinking – did I have to add those childish… Continue Reading “Respite”

Ladybird charms

cheap, easy and loved by all

A day with Khaleesi

Not only humans are aware of the importance of a good pose.

Easter Crafts

A long-term project

Springtime Swap, take 2

My second round in Spring Swapping

Awed by pop-up art

The other day we were walking around Madrid with no clear aim and we stumbled (as very often happens) on this shop. A whole bookshop practically completely dedicated to pop-up books. We walked in and a very very friendly man showed us around, opening… Continue Reading “Awed by pop-up art”