Plane Doodling

On the way to Cuba, we took the direct Air Europe flight. There was a cheaper one, and it called for

– 300 euros less

– a 12-hour stop over in Moscow

– a 33 -hour trip in total

– flying across an ocean with Aeroflot

We chose the direct flight. Not that I have anything against Aeroflot… I guess it’s just the name. I guess?

Anyway, on the way there it was important to sleep. That’s what I said, and repeated various times, to Boyfriend. The last time I said it was just before loosing consciousness on his shoulder… about five minutes after boarding. I’m good that way ^_^

The problem was that, albeit being a direct flight, it was still nine hours long. So after sleeping a while, reading my new book, checking out the guide book, eating, then watching The Boxtrolls (so cute!) and after that a seriously depressing film that for no reason should have been shown on a flight with children, young adults, adults or elderly people as it talked about a girl nearly dying in a car crash (no talking of crashing on planes!) and losing all her family (no talking of dying on planes!!) and crying for half of the film which got me hiccoughing like a ten-year-old..after all of that plus a few rounds of Plants versus Zombies, I got the piece of paper with the strict immigration rules, flipped it over and doodled.

(phew! longest sentence ever)

I started as I usually do, with a person


The beginning of the doodle

And then, as it often happens, I drew the body but didn’t like it. Got stuck with the arms and…bored. So I drew my bear. I draw him a lot, and he’s nearly always surrounded by bubbles and bees. And I drew an orca. Because why not.

DSC_2832And then I drew a seahorse, but his face was all strange so I drew over the seahorse and what came out was much more satisfying.

DSC_2835Finally I went back to that arm and gave it some life. Literally. With trees and branches and birds and fish and music… Anything I could to get that horrendousness out of the picture!


I liked the birds becoming fish becoming music.


And then, well, I filled the doodle up. This is what it looks like now.



About Full Of Daisies

I am permanently in love. Things I like: purple, pasta, silk, autumn, the smell of mould, candles, cachi, having friends, water, new things, rice, eggs (all eggs!), fresh grass, olive trees, shiny things, glitter, hanging objects, windcatchers, wind, couscous, wasabi, carnivores, presents, snow, leaves, orchids, feathers, cappelletti, meat, fruit (all fruit), more del gelso (Morus alba L.), pigs, candles, christmas, polenta fritta!, separating egg whites from yokes in my hands, cartoons, dragons, the ocean, nudibranchi, cows, mercury (the metal), cosmos (the flowers), thunderstorms, Mika, turtles, acquariums, green and blue (mixed), siccamores, spring, snails, 24, porc with a sweet sauce (apple, cranberry, tomatoes jam), looking at a swimming pool upsidedown and underwater, english accent, open-minded people, driving, blue skies, checkered tablecloths, butterflies, books and cartoons in rhyme, painting eggs, the star-shadows that football players have, silver, laughing, Vivaldi, bells and chimes, white and purple, creating. Complete Happiness: Early morning. Sun, with a breeze; a pond with water lilies. A house, with a garden, full of plants. A vegetable patch, lemon, orange and mandarin trees. Cosmos everywhere. Birds in the trees; a tortoise eating the salad from the vegetable patch; a mammal (I couldn’t decide which one would make me happier) close by. No houses for as far as the eye can see. Me, a man that loves me and that I love. Friends coming over for a lunch that I have to prepare, and have all the ingredients for all ready in the kitchen.

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