The Russian Orthodox Church series

The first full day in Habana, we started our tour from Plaza Vieja and, suggested by boyfriend, the Cámara Oscura that turned out to be one of the best things we saw. From there the view of the city was spectacular, and I, having been a magpie in another life, immediately pinpointed the glittering gold domes of the local Russian Orthodox Church. Right after visiting the actual Cámara we set of in search of the church and were not disappointed.

Work on the cathedral, called Our Lady of Kazan, started in 2001, as a “monument to the Russian-Cuban friendship“. It was finished in 2008 and it’s first service was held on the 19th of October of that year.

The inside was as spectacular as the outside, I must say. Quite empty, with a few icons and a saint’s supposed body parts. The lady sitting inside spoke loudly in Russian, giving the whole place a somewhat more interesting appeal but the general level of interest was low.

The outside however was impressive. I was trying to get a photo with something interesting in front, so I took a few… But now decided that I actually like the whole series of cars and carriages and cocotaxis passing. Here they are, I hope you like them!







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