leftovers food recipe christmas panettone eggs

When I went to Italy for Christmas I bought a box of “oh-my-goodness-they’re-so-cute” little savoury panettoni. Like the traditional panettone, but without sugar, raisins or candied fruit. There were four and really, so cute. I had to buy them! Then I got home, here in Madrid, and was faced with the knowledge that I had no idea how to use them.

The internet provide answers for larger ones, not the mini-kind I had bought just for their mini-ness, and all the recipes I found were either very complicated or boring. So this morning we did something quite simple that turned out surprisingly good. Very easy, mind you, but not as cheap as other recipes I’ve published!

Here’s the mini savoury panettone. We had one each.
And the quail eggs that Boyfriend bought the other day. I love eggs. It’s a fact. However I don’t love opening quail eggs. It took me a while to learn how, and after trying Gordon’s way with a knife, I went back to my evolutionarily-sound fingers which work better than anything else. For now.
Slice the panettone and spread it on a plate. Add grated gouda. I love cheese. How can you not love it? It’s so lovable…especially when it’s melted…..And that’s why you should now pop this plate of potential goodness into the oven. 130^, only the top rack, until the cheese is melted.
While the cheese is melting, get your tiny little egg-pan (yes, you have one of those extremely-non-stick pans especially for eggs. I know you do! You must! Your mother gave you one, didn’t she?) and put in half a teaspoonful of your favourite grease. It can be olive oil, vegetable oil, margarine, butter, lard…or in my case, this morning… duck fat. Because that’s how we roll.
A soon as it starts to bubble (but not smoke!!) drop the eggs in delicately and wait for them to cook to your personal perfection. I always break the eggs before I start cooking and leave them to wait in a bowl on the side – it’s faster this way and accidents are less likely to happen. Add salt and pepper – someone told me not to add salt to the eggs while they’re waiting in the bowl, because it starts dehydrating them and they change taste. So do it now.
Take the warm panettone with the melted cheese out of the oven, slide on the eggs ..et voila’! Sunday lunch: DONE. Panettone: USED. Humans of the home: HAPPY. Have an excellent meal!







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