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Macro Micro Shells

they were so so so so so so small!

Looking at it again…

…I really like this photo. Do you?

Our ride

we loved it

They see me rollin’

Tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty

Loading Bikes

on a bus

The Boss

Just chillin’

Little cars

mini tiny and cute!

Our taxi

We winged it



Fast and Furious

Zoom zoom

On the boardwalk

Pink and yellow

Big Blue

It was always there

Fixing the motor

I love sidecars

The school bus.

Love Cuba

The Water Truck

Amazing country

The taxi

How cute is this?

Cuban Animals

A sneak peek at my second blog 😉

Hemingway’s car?

Hemingway again

My favourite of them all

The last photos before our close encounter with a criminal in Havana

A year ago

I was trying my first cigar