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Swooping Swallows

beautiful visitors

They’re here! 

finally 🙂

A Walk in the Woods (Stockholm – the Birds)

so many birds!

Still Birds

A short story for two pretty photos

Untimely death

Such a pity

Cuban Animals

A sneak peek at my second blog 😉


for someone

Soaring Stork

A story, a push and some adjectives

Pygmy Kingfisher

A very small splash of colour


I remember I painted this watercolour a while ago, taken by the urge to paint clouds. I remember that the cactuses turned out to be quite flat and the clouds decent, and I remember me thinking – did I have to add those childish… Continue Reading “Respite”

Winged jewels

It is impossible to imagine anything so lovely as these little Humming Birds, their variety and the extraordinary brilliancy of their colours. Queen Victoria, 1851 They poise themselves in the air, we hear not the humming of the wings, but we can almost fancy… Continue Reading “Winged jewels”

Atthis ellioti

Today something happened. And I was home, alone, my plans cancelled, my nerves boiling with white-hot angry blood and four extra hours of my day reclaimed (due to the cancelled plans. No, it was not my idea to cancel the plans, could you read… Continue Reading “Atthis ellioti”

It is officially Autumn

The other day I woke up to a sound that had obviously seeped into my unconscious mind and nudged it into consciousness. I opened my eyes and listened. A gurgling sound reached my ears and, recognising it, I sprang out of bed and stared out… Continue Reading “It is officially Autumn”

Singing Fody

A moment of artistic inspiration, stemmed from a photo of a Fody (Foudia madagascariensis) I took this winter in the Seychelles. Am planning on doing a series.