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Doodling Pandas

and an Easter Penguin!

They’re here! 

finally 🙂


Makes me sleepy just looking at it

Sketching Otters

Did you know that I love otters?

Plane Doodling

Going to Cuba. Even a direct flight is too long.

Gone Ottering

I’m going to Brazil. Rio, to be more specific, then Palmas, looking for otters.     Wait for me… …I’ll definitely be back. With cazillions of photos!

Spring Sprang Sprung

A spring drawing

The Cheshire Genet

Remember the genet I drew, twice? Well, after that I took the matter in my own hands and, with that same genet in mind, drew something similar. Now they’re hanging one next to each other. Quite cute, actually.


A few weeks ago a very, very beautiful drawing started going around facebook. It was by Morgan Davidson, quite the talented artist, and it inspired me both because of the colours, the autumn warmth and the fact that the girl looks like me. Vaguely.… Continue Reading “Inspiration”


Many, many years ago I was given a wonderful, gorgeous and incredibly interesting book: Island Africa. The author, Jonathan Kingdon, was an expert on African fauna and an accomplished illustrator. From one of his paintings, represented in the book, I took the genet that… Continue Reading “Genet”

We’re going to Greece!

We’re going to Greece!  (was the repetition necessary? Yes it was) I’ve never been and have been considering it for a while. However family trips are usually aimed further away and personal trips are usually aimed at cheaper locations with some kind of support… Continue Reading “We’re going to Greece!”


This is the first watercolour I was ever proud of. Yes, it’s a bit lopsided, but I still love it.