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Kingston’s genet

It’s earned its place in the living room.


Such a long time ago!

A beetle

Because I’m still really proud of it, and still traumatised.


I remember I painted this watercolour a while ago, taken by the urge to paint clouds. I remember that the cactuses turned out to be quite flat and the clouds decent, and I remember me thinking – did I have to add those childish… Continue Reading “Respite”

Spring Sprang Sprung

A spring drawing

Little painting

I found this watercolour that I made about ten years ago, in Rome. It’s quite small and peaceful, don’t you think?


Many, many years ago I was given a wonderful, gorgeous and incredibly interesting book: Island Africa. The author, Jonathan Kingdon, was an expert on African fauna and an accomplished illustrator. From one of his paintings, represented in the book, I took the genet that… Continue Reading “Genet”


This is the first watercolour I was ever proud of. Yes, it’s a bit lopsided, but I still love it.

Little pockets of happiness

Sometimes everything seems to go wrong. And then the cupcakes you make for Valentine’s day come out right. And you make the yummiest duck breast-pear-pine nut salad. And you paint the otter you’ve been wanting to paint for as long as you can remember.… Continue Reading “Little pockets of happiness”