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Pinup Marghe

An experience that everyone should try 😉

Stay home, Marghe

Right now

Abandoned Giant Flowers

I don’t usually post photos of myself, but here are some!

Music to Listen To

this is happening now

popcorn on a cob!

is it Saturday Movie Night yet?

Christmas ads

I couldn’t find a post like this on the internet. So I made one.

Six People you Need in your Life

You need them. Read on.

Butterfly day

this was my day in a nut shell

Complete Zen

A corner in which you can relax and be zen

Another first time

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Early Monday Morning

This morning for the first time I had to take an early bus from our new house. I got up at 5:30 for a bus that was scheduled to leave at 7:15.  Too early.  Way too early.  So I washed and got dressed and… Continue Reading “Early Monday Morning”

Because the Internet is dark…

…and full of spoilers. I will choose the safe road – hidden in the outside world

Right now

I am sitting on a bench. One of many on a central street in Madrid. I love finding benches, and am a strong supporter of the fact that there should be more. It’s late evening on a Friday, and the sky is a brilliant… Continue Reading “Right now”

Water Lilies for the Spirit

I needed some of these today

I am just SO excited….

Giddiness is a good word to explain what I’m feeling right now

A tea fit for Princesses

and perfect for every occasion

A bittersweet Christmas

without Kitzy Pooh


Suddenly, a window.

Still life

On moving and hoarding and releasing and loving

A special on Love

Six years.