Another first time

Tonight I’m going to a concert.

So what, you’re probably going to say. Or think.

Well, I’ve never actually been to a concert. I mean, a real concert with modern, pop signers. Sure, I’ve been to a ton of classical music concerts, and I once found myself at a fair in which someone famous was singing, but it was by chance. The only other time I can remember going to a “real” concert was with my sister – we went to see MIKA in a tiny little town in Italy and until he actually came on stage were convinced we had made a terrible mistake and the MIKA we were there to see wasn’t the MIKA we thought: there were too few people!

I say this because I have a slight aversion to large crowds. I don’t really like big groups of people, and would much rather not be near them or – lord forbid – in them.

So tonight is going to be quite an experience!

Who am I going to see, you ask?

These guys. They’re amazing.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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