Pinup Marghe

Last week I cashed in one of last year’s Christmas presents. A pin up photo shoot in Madrid.

I was so, so nervous that I went alone and didn’t smile for the whole ride there and for the first half an hour. After trying on a few dresses, however, I started feeling better about myself 🙂 The whole experience was, honestly, stressful at best. It was hard to keep a straight face, to do what the photographer said and “look natural”, which I wasn’t feeling at all. She was really good though, and managed to make me look decent in a few shots…

Here are my favourite. The last ones especially, but these aren’t bad either.

I strongly recommend the experience, especially if you’re shy or hate it when people try to take photos of you. It will be awkward and horrid and you’ll be nervous and hate the whole thing…..but after that, when you see yourself, you’ll realise that you’re not that bad. At all. And it was worth it, in the end. Let me know if you do try something like this and how it was for you!


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