Six People you Need in your Life

I read an article a while back. It listed 5 people that you have to have in your life to be successful.

I decided to add one, the last one in this list. And this list isn’t about the 6 people you need to have in your life to be successful. No. With the addition of the sixth, this is the 6 people you need to have in your life to be happy.

Disclaimer – none of the photos here are mine, but have been sourced from a website that offers copyright-free images. I modified them, though. 

the listener

Who doesn’t need a good listener? Being able to have that one person that you can call when you have a problem and that maybe won’t give advice but you know will listen to your problems without being distracted or making the conversation about him/herself is essential. You can moan and groan all you want and this person is there, steady as a rock. I am lucky, because I have this person. When I am at loss about what to do or what to think or what to answer, I know she’s only a whatsapp away. I can write the words “help!” and she’ll be there, always.

the leader

This is your rock. Dependable, strong, successful. This is the person that takes control of the situation when all else is a mess. That directs the group when everyone wants to go to the cinema but to see different films. That looks you in the eye and tells you exactly how to get out of your situation. Sure, the method is his/her method, but it’s a way out. And sometimes you just need someone to haul you out when you’ve tried everything (in vain). I still haven’t found mine.

the storyteller

This person talks. They talk a lot. When you go out with them you can abandon all thoughts and problems and issues you may have and listen to what they’re saying. Or not (that’s up to you). But what they say isn’t pointless banter, it’s a story and, as all good stories, it has a moral. This person might seem self-centred and a blabbermouth, but if you listen carefully all the stories have a purpose, they teach you something. At the very least, they inspire you to move forwards and do more. I have a storyteller. It’s another girl, incidentally. We don’t speak often, but when we do she’s full of surprises and anecdotes and new things in her life. And more often than not, I emerge from the conversation feeling light and ready for something new myself!

the one that makes you think

This person doesn’t give advice. Not in the usual form, at least. “This is what you should do” are not words you’ll hear. This person will already know what you need and will ask you questions. Sometimes you won’t have an answer immediately, but just asking the right questions will lead to an idea developing. This person can be a highly intelligent person, who knows a lot of things and who has experienced life to the fullest. It might be an older person or, controversially, a younger one. I think I have found mine, but am not sure. We shall see…

the happy one

Oh yes! Here they come all bubbly and bustling and shiny with joy. Not a care in their lives, they hop skip and jump in your day and everything you had been dwelling on disappears. And guess what? When you are with this person, you become happy again. Just like that, magic! Mine isn’t as bubbly as I’d like her to be, but she’s positive and caring and comforting and once we’re together nothing can bring us down.

the dreamer

This is the person I added to tweak the title and change it from successful to happy. The Dreamer is that person that is slightly above the limit of what we consider “sane” and arrives, every time, with a new idea, project, thought, trip, creation, course. There is no limit to potential and possibility with The Dreamer – anything is possible. We can move to an island in the Philippines and open up a taco bar. We can sail the world and get paid. We can learn Japanese, tomorrow. This person will call you on a Friday evening and beg you to join the group that is doing the coolest thing tomorrow morning early. And they’ll be so enthusiastic you won’t be able to say no. And they’ll be so happy you went with them. And when the project ends, you will have learnt something new and spent a fantastic few hours (or days, or weeks…). But they are the key to your drive, your imagination, your internal strength. And that is why you need them to be happy.

full of daisies
This is me

As a last note before this post finishes I wanted to mention something. It’s simple: if you are all six people to someone, your life will be complete. It doesn’t have to be all six to one person – you can be a great listener to one friend and the happy-go-lucky to another. You can always call that one person when you need a sidekick in your latest project or be the leader with only one group of friends.

Go now, and see if you have these six people in your life. If you don’t have them yet, wait and keep your eyes open! They’ll appear. And when you have your six magic people and are those people to other friends, everything will be amazing.


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