Shortcrust Pastry (the second)

This is my favourite recipe of the two. Although the other one might be lighter and crumblier, this one is great for pies.

It’s taken from the first ever Italian cookbook, the world famous Artusi, written in 1891. I love it because it makes a perfect dough every time!

ingredients copy

It has to be crumbly, so the first thing you do is mix the butter, sugar and flour with your hands until you have a crumb consistency, as below. Artusi uses icing sugar and so do I, but if you prefer white sugar I suggest you whizz it in the blender to break the crystals and make it finer.



Then, you add the eggs.


At this point you have to be careful not to “cook” the eggs with the heat of your hands. If you’re working in summer in Spain in a non-airconditioned kitchen, I suggest you leave all the ingredients and the bowl in the fridge overnight. That will at least give you a few degrees of buffer when you start working!


Et voila! At the end of the kneading you should have a moist, tasty (yes, taste it! If your ingredients are fresh there’s nothing you should be scared of!) dough. Now, wrap it in cling film and leave it in the fridge at least half an hour before you start working on it.


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