The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

Cuenca is famous, worldwide, for its Hanging Houses. Casas Colgadas, in Spanish. To tell you the truth, the first time we came to Cuenca it was snowing and I don’t even remember seeing them, although I’m sure we did. This time, I embarked on a lonely walk to go see them instead of having lunch, and I was slightly disappointed.

Yes, they’re lovely, but….nothing of what, as we say in Italian. My mind was not blown, there was no “oooh” of appreciation, the photos are not spectacular.

Anyway, here they are.

Oh, a word of warning for tourists that want to go visit them: there is a racket of men that pretend they only want to show you around out of the pure goodness of their hearts, but in the end they want money. And won’t let you go until you’ve given it to them.

casas colgadas hanging houses cuenca travel
Here they are! From right under. Difficult to take a photo from here.
casas colgadas hanging houses cuenca travel
Slightly better. Ok I’m going to walk away and try to get all the houses in together. And maybe the guy will leave me alone.
casas colgadas hanging houses cuenca travel
aha! Much better! Here are the houses, in all their glory. And it was so hot, I was basically alone. Although since I was alone, the man that insisted on showing me around was stuck to me like glue…even though I pretended I didn’t speak a word of Spanish
casas colgadas hanging houses cuenca travel
The cool bridge that takes you to the other side of the steep valley and that is perfect for a photo shoot. No, the man isn’t gone – he’s right behind me trying to show me the castle.
casas colgadas hanging houses cuenca travel
Tada! See what I mean when I say they could be more awe-inspiring? Anyway, on the bright side the man is gone. Yes, I gave him a euro. What else could I do? He had small hungry children at home……….

For more photos of Cuenca, click here!

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