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Last summer, we stopped here for one night.

The First 3D-printed Bridge

the first in the world!

Palacio Longoria – the patio

Because every Spanish house must have a patio

Palacio Longoria – the most beautiful thing

I need this in my house.

Palacio Longoria – the stairwell

Why I went

Palacio Longoria – finally, after three years…

…I managed to see it.

The Vertical Houses of Cuenca

look up!

The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

nothing of what, honestly


A lovely getaway

Tangiers Doors

Some of my favourite shots of Tangiers

Rumbo al Norte – Day 9: The Guggenheim

My favourite was the spider.

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: Castro Urdiales

I just like saying the name. Castro Urdiales. What an odd name for a city.

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: coloured churches

Two coloured buildings in he middle of nowhere

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: Gaudi’s Whim

So so much better than anything I expected!

Rumbo al Norte – Day 7: Ribadesella

Houses and rivers and oceans (oh my!)