Rumbo al Norte – Day 7: Ribadesella

It had to be seen, although we couldn’t remember why. But after the dinosaur fiasco, we needed something sure. Something we knew would be there and wouldn’t be affected by the tides.


Ribadesella is interesting because it sits on the banks (riba) of a river (the Sella) at the very point in which it rushes into the ocean. And the funny thing is that half of the town is on the river, facing a river bank that has turned into a beach, and the other, more residential area is facing the ocean, a beach at its doors.

Facing the river
facing the ocean

Another thing I really liked were the colours (ok ok, I know I keep on saying this but Asturias is so colourful!) and the old colonial houses built on the boardwalk. Colonial houses, you ask? Yep. These houses were built by successful tobacco and cotton merchants that spent half of their lives in Mexico, Cuba and other latino countries and then came home. But when they arrived, used to as they were to high colonial standards, they decided that they’d change the things that they could.

Not the mentality, no.

Not the nature around them, no.

They’d make their homes as similar as possible to the ones they had abroad.





Not bad, huh?


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