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Orchid Madness

Number 28

Orchid Madness

Number 6

The Colourful Houses of Cuenca

Why aren’t these in any magazine?

Black Iris – the petals

The second batch of photos of this gorgeous flower

Should I knock?

Some of these door knobs in Tangiers were very tempting. I never knocked, but who knows what I would have found if I had.

Wild Exhuberance

explosions of colours and flowers!

The Setting

Part One of this mini-series!

On the boardwalk

Pink and yellow

Tangiers Doors

Some of my favourite shots of Tangiers

Passing colour

A feast for the eyes

The eyes of Tangiers

It’s always worth looking up

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: coloured churches

Two coloured buildings in he middle of nowhere

Rumbo al Norte – Day 7: Ribadesella

Houses and rivers and oceans (oh my!)

Rumbo al Norte – Day 1: a bit of nature

because I have to. I’m a naturalist, after all!



Great Balls of Fire

Dahlia Power

The Bougainvillea and the Bumblebee


Strawberry Vanilla



How the dahlia got its stripes

Remembering summer and all things coloured

I miss the foliage.