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Rumbo al Norte – Day 2: the albino cat

that needed some company

Rumbo al Norte – Day 2: Cedovém

Quite by chance, we found a beach

Rumbo al Norte – Day 2

We discovered an amazing Saint we had never heard about

Rumbo al Norte – Day 1: a bit of nature

because I have to. I’m a naturalist, after all!

Rumbo al Norte – Day 1

Very cute and Portuguese!

Soaring Stork

A story, a push and some adjectives

Sopa de agriao

Warm and comforting…Just what you were looking for!

The ca(c)t(us)

A cactus. A cat. A ca(c)t(us).

Temporary art

Artistic doodling with my dinner

It is officially Autumn

The other day I woke up to a sound that had obviously seeped into my unconscious mind and nudged it into consciousness. I opened my eyes and listened. A gurgling sound reached my ears and, recognising it, I sprang out of bed and stared out… Continue Reading “It is officially Autumn”