Sopa de agriao

When I lived for a year in Evora, Portugal, I rented half of a house. Originally, it was one big one, but the owners decided that it was more convenient to split it and rent half of it out.

Luckily, the owners were an amazing family that I will never, ever forget.

We used to have late night tea together, in their scrappy backyard, with the dogs wagging and the fragrant lemon verbena leaves soaking in our mugs. It was peaceful, and I loved it.

And more often than not, she’d cook me something. Sometimes a cake, sometimes rice with milk and once, after an evening in which the wind was blowing so hard the Panda 4×4 shimmered, parked on top of a hill, while I tried to find the otter’s collar’s radio signal, sopa de agriao.

Sopa de agriao is a warm, comforting food. Possibly (what am I about to say!?) better than chicken soup for warming your soul from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes. It’s a thick, healthy, velvety, goodness that I simply cannot do without.

Here’s the recipe.

DSC_3205 copy

Chop up your veggies
Get a non-stick pan and add some olive oil and butter. When it’s just starting to simmer, drop in the leeks
When the leek starts to soften and separate, throw in carrots and potatoes and toss for a while. Until you get bored, basically. But not more than 4/5 minutes.
Now’s the moment for the stock, or in my case, bouillon cubes. Drop them in and mix until they’re melted
like so.
Now add water. If you used stock, don’t add extra water 😉 Lower the fire so the soup is just slightly boiling.
After about 10mins, add the zucchini and let them cook
After about 20mins, take a few carrot slices out, to use as decoration
Now blend the soup like there’s no mañana!
Now for the watercress. Those spicy leaves mustn’t cook, just wilt, so take the pan off the heat, put them in and stir.

The good thing about this soup is that, having potatoes, no cream or milk is necessary and that makes it less fatty.

Et voila! Done and plated. I like my soup (all soup really) with a slice of bread with melted cheese (seeing as there’s no dairy in the soup itself). Yum!

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