Temporary art

A long, long time ago I was in Portugal. Studying otters. And one evening, home alone, I was chatting on skype (with whom? I don’t remember). It was raining outside and I had worked, walking through mud and water, all day. A risotto would be nice, I remember thinking. Kitzy-poo (our family cat, who came with me to Portugal) curled up on my lap – a personal and eternal hot water bottle. She purred. I chatted. The skype call must have been impromptu, because I had all the ingredients for the risotto on the table already. What happened next was not planned, not expected and..well, quite cute I must say. Doodling with food, I guess…

The first one I made. One of my favourite.
Different point of view
‘zup, mate?
cangrejo style
This is a foetus. Can you guess what of?
Photoshopped 😉
oh hey… I think I know who I was skyping with 😉

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