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Rice with creamy leftover chicken

easy easy and really tasty!

Comfort Rice

When you read confort, think umami.

Risotto Speck e Mele

This is the recipe you were looking for.

Potato Risotto

Lots of calories for a very satisfying dish!

Egyptian Yummy Rice

One of my favourite sides

Mayo crust

An original touch to any rice-based dish

Autumnal risotto

I’m unemployed. This comes with quite a few downsides, but some perks, too. For example, I don’t have to get up early in the morning (although I do, by choice); I can go see interesting things that I wouldn’t have time for otherwise; I… Continue Reading “Autumnal risotto”

Temporary art

Artistic doodling with my dinner

Beef Vladimir

or: A Variation on Beef Stroganoff


Unexpectedly easy

A day at the beach

Valencia, Spain. One very particular day at the beach.     Finally we found a larger road, slid onto it and spotted a sign pointing out a beach. We followed a dirt road, parked when it finished and walked towards the Mediterranean sea. We… Continue Reading “A day at the beach”