Egyptian Yummy Rice

My mother cooks this dish, and it’s a recipe I still haven’t found in the memory of any of the Egyptians I’ve met or in the restaurants I’ve questioned. There are many versions of it – this is but one.

And since the photos were taken a while ago, I don’t have an initial photo of the ingredients.

Here they are:

Rice. Basmati, possibly. Something light, fluffy and not covered in starch. Cooked.

Chicken livers and hearts. Fresh. Diced.

Onion. Chopped. Red onion isn’t good with this recipe, because it tinges the rice with pink which just isn’t what we’re looking for.

Pine nuts. Not too many – they’re so expensive!

Raisins. Soaked in warm water or warm broth.

Broth. Or better, a homemade bouillon cube. 😉

Cinnamon and cumin. Yup.

Salt, pepper, oil…you know the drill.


Here’s what you have to do.

– heat some oil in a non-stick pan. Add the chopped onion and the bouillon cube.


strain the raisins (but don’t squeeze them – some liquid is ok) and add them to the frying onion
Add the pine nuts and let them roast quickly. They need to absorb some flavour.
Now add the diced hearts and livers, a pinch of cinnamon and cumin. The smell will be incredible. Drizzle in some broth if it starts to dry too much.
And you’re done! As soon as the meat is cooked, sautée the rice that you’ve previously boiled (or steamed), taste and….that’s it!

You can now use your Egyptian Yummy Rice as a main dish or even, as I prefer, as a side. Maybe with that roast duck that you just learnt to cook!


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