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Comfort Rice

When you read confort, think umami.

Mango sorbet

One of the easiest recipes yet!

I’m that kind of girl.

I’m the kind of girl who makes her own bouillon cube. I’m the kind of girl who makes her own ravioli (albeit rarely). I’m the kind of girl who makes her own IKEA meatballs. With the sauce. I’m the kind of girl who makes… Continue Reading “I’m that kind of girl.”


The recipe with no quantities

A satellite dish (to the Autumnal Risotto)

Two evenings ago when I started making the Autumnal Risotto, featured in this post, something came up and I had to abandon the dish half made.Luckily I hadn’t put the rice in, so it was only a matter of chucking the sausage and squash… Continue Reading “A satellite dish (to the Autumnal Risotto)”

Easy and quick

Sometimes, it’s the best way. The other evening I spent about an hour preparing farofias, a thick, sweet, luxurious Portuguese dessert of which a post will be published as soon as I get the photos. I yearned for farofias ever since I discovered them around the end of my year… Continue Reading “Easy and quick”