Mango sorbet

Well. This must be THE easiest recipe I have ever tried. So easy, in fact, that I didn’t even think of putting it up here because…come on, it’s too easy! But then I thought that, just as I had found the recipe and then upped it a little, someone else could come looking for the same and not find it because I hadn’t shared..

So here goes. The easiest, most scrumptious mango sorbet recipe.

The ingredients. Pretty straightforward. I made the sugar pot, so that’s why it’s in he photo rather than a little pile of sugar. As usual, the quantities are relative to your personal taste. I used one whole mango, half a lime, 100ml of heavy cream and 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Pulp the mango. I have no idea how to do this efficiently so won’t pretend to know and skipped taking the photo of the process..although you can see the messy results here! In any case, the mango pulp is now in the blender, without any skin – success!
Add the cream, sugar and lime juice…
…and blend! I’ve tried making this recipe without the cream, but then you get a watery mix that doesn’t really freeze nicely. This is so, so much better. At this point, remember to taste the mix to check if you like it!
Now pour the creamy sorbet in two large glasses – this recipe is for four, but we only have these two glasses so… It could be eaten directly, like a thick milkshake, but the cooling process makes it more refined. In my opinion.

This is where you’re going to have to do a little work. The sorbet, to be a sorbet and not a lump of frozen mango, has to be stirred every 30mins. That is: put an alarm on and every half an hour take the sorbet out of the freezer, mix, taking care to scrape the already frozen bits away from the sides and bottom (those are the ones that freeze first) and then put everything back in the freezer. I did this for five times (so 2.5 hours) before the consistency was what I was looking for. Again, it’s very subjective: you might like it more or less frozen.

So in this photo I had already eaten some, so it looks a bit messy. It looked fine before! You can also choose to freeze it in a container and take it out before serving for a more presentable result 😉

Et voilá! Told you it was easy, didn’t I?

PS this is a mango sorbet. But you can use any other fruit you want with this recipe… try bananas. Or strawberries. Or a mix…. Happy cooking!

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