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Stuffed zucchine. With Ragù.

So easy and yummy. Stuffed zucchine are my favourite!

LemonLime pasta

Developing my pasta-making skills

Salmon Stuffed Zucchine

Bored of the classic meat stuffed zucchini? Here you go!

Macro Duck

I received a macro lens for my Nikon for Christmas. And then, the next day, a friend of mine gave me two ducks he had recently killed. I’m not in favour of hunting, as it is, but this particular hunter is my friend, is…

Stuffed zucchine

Looks good, tastes better!

Mayo crust

An original touch to any rice-based dish

Autumnal risotto

I’m unemployed. This comes with quite a few downsides, but some perks, too. For example, I don’t have to get up early in the morning (although I do, by choice); I can go see interesting things that I wouldn’t have time for otherwise; I…

The easiest pasta sauce yet

Pasta with broccoli – yum!

Last Sunday – the pasta-making day

A great day!

Mango sorbet

One of the easiest recipes yet!

Breakfast Pizza

There’s brunch, and then there’s Brunch.

British Sangria

The best summer drink ever

I’m that kind of girl.

I’m the kind of girl who makes her own bouillon cube. I’m the kind of girl who makes her own ravioli (albeit rarely). I’m the kind of girl who makes her own IKEA meatballs. With the sauce. I’m the kind of girl who makes…

Sautéed mushrooms

Super easy and ready to use for any recipe!

Beef Vladimir

or: A Variation on Beef Stroganoff

Tempura Tuesday

Easy and cheap Tempura at home!

Something new

I love eggs. Have I mentioned that before? Maybe.  Maybe not. But there it is: I love eggs. And not just hen eggs: goose, duck, quail and fish. mmmmmh … fish eggs! So yesterday whilst at the fish monger (ok, he was technically inside…

A satellite dish (to the Autumnal Risotto)

Two evenings ago when I started making the Autumnal Risotto, featured in this post, something came up and I had to abandon the dish half made.Luckily I hadn’t put the rice in, so it was only a matter of chucking the sausage and squash…

Pimping up my biscuits

Friday I decided to make some chocolate-covered strawberries. I made them with a wonderful 60% dark Tanzania gourmet chocolate that my friend Katie sent me (thank you by the way, it was purrrfect) and then spruced them up using three toppings: almonds, sugar hearts…