Salmon Stuffed Zucchine

I had two beautifully round zucchine, perfect for stuffing. But no, I didn’t want to stuff them with meat, because I get bored easily. And I had salmon. So…

DSC_9105 copy
yes I realise there are two eggs in the photo, but one would have been more than enough, so I recommend using only one.


Chop up the onion. I don’t have a photo for this and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was too into Homeland to remember to do it…Yes I usually multitask. In this case I was cooking, taking photos and watching Homeland. I’m a woman that way.

Coarsely chop the salmon. I’m a real sucker for prep, so I get everything ready before I actually turn the stove on
A spoonful of olive oil and a handful of red onion. Let the simmering begin!
Add the salmon
The salmon is cooked. Don’t overcook it! Take the thyme leaves off the stalk and sprinkle them on the salmon (we used lemon thyme, because that’s what we have on our balcony)
Add the breadcrumbs and stir them in, letting them absorb the juices but don’t cook them for more than 2mins. You can also add a pinch of salt and pepper and taste. Always taste.
Wait! Don’t eat it yet!! It will be amazing in the zucchine, I promise. Just be patient ^_*
While the salmon mix cools a bit, fold the egg (yes, I know there are two in the photo, but as I wrote in the first photo I think that one would have been enough) with the ricotta

If you don’t have ricotta, or your favourite supermarket seems to have run out of it, you can use a mix of fresh cheese (like Philadelphia, to be clear) and a little bit of milk. Which is what I did here.

Nicely blended. You can add a pinch of salt and some pepper here, too.
Add the salmon and make sure you mix well.
Spread some salt on the internal walls of the zucchine, and then stuff those babies. Stuff them really tightly so not air bubbles remain and you don’t end up with half-stuffed zucchine
Cover them with their little hats
Now for the oven. Place them in a baking tray with a little olive oil on the bottom and cover them with aluminium. They should cook for 30mins at 180C covered and another 30/40mins uncovered.
If you’re as impatient as I am and need to check the zucchine frequently, you can check their status like this: when a fork inserted in the side goes in smoothly and without resistance the vegetable is ready but the stuffing might need some more time. Remember, there’s an egg in there! Leave them for another 20mins at this point.
Et voila! Done! This photo is mediocre because I was way too hungry at this point to take the time to take a decent photo, but you get the idea, right?! Enjoy!

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