Another Italian favourite

Is this blog becoming too Italian? Let me know if you think it is. Because here is another traditional Italian recipe that even looks Italian, what with the colours and everything.

And it’s so simple that one photo is more than enough.

07:19 Pasta. Choose one that will be good also when it becomes lukewarm. Farfalle, fusilli or these odd-looking “foglie di ulivo agli spinaci” that I found in an international supermarket recently. Cook the pasta al dente, strain it and then toss it with the following ingredients. It can also be prepared beforehand and served cold, as pasta salad, but I prefer it warm. Mozzarella. Nearly any mozzarella will do for this dish. If you use mozzarella di bufala it’ll make everything more watery. If you use a mozzarella substitute you’ll taste the difference (i.e. it won’t be as good). Use a normal, relatively cheap cow’s milk mozzarella. Tomatoes. I used datterini because I love them. Cherry tomatoes are also good. If you use a larger variety, make sure you remove the seeds – if you don’t the whole thing might turn into a watery mess. Basil. Fresh. Shredded. Garlic. I leave a sliced piece of garlic in with the chopped tomatoes for at least half an hour. It will give the sauce its taste but you won’t have to eat it like if you had used chopped garlic or garlic powder. When the pasta’s ready, you can either remove the garlic from the sauce or leave it in and be careful not to eat it! Salt. Pepper. Olive oil.

Well, I’m adding another photo. It’s too pretty not to!


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