Macro Duck

I received a macro lens for my Nikon for Christmas. And then, the next day, a friend of mine gave me two ducks he had recently killed. I’m not in favour of hunting, as it is, but this particular hunter is my friend, is not very good and only hunts ducks and small fowl, all within the law and with logic. Anyway, the ducks were fresh and, although I had other things to do, I thought what the heck, I’ll pluck them and clean them and have them for dinner with the parents. I had already been given two ducks by the same person, see, only that time they were frozen, and plucking thawed ducks was much more complicated than plucking fresh ones (as I found out, this statement is definitely true).

So I got the two ducks from the bag – one male and one female – and boiled some water. They have to be dipped in hot water with soap, apparently, so plucking is easier. I haven’t tried not using that method, so can’t say whether it’s true or not but…everyone else on the internet seems to think so, so.. I’ve read that some people use wax, but hot water and soap works fine for me. Why soap? Because water fowl have a thick, water-repellent oil on their feathers that is quite efficient and the only way of getting through that is with soap.

Of course, since last time I didn’t document the plucking, I thought aha, this time I’m taking photos! …with my new macro!

This is the result. Which one do you like best?

The female’s feet. We didn’t eat those.
The female’s side feathers
I love this one
The female’s back. Such a pretty pattern.
Every time I see this photo I think of porcupine quills. Which are modified hairs. Which are modified skin cells. And feathers are modified scales. Scales are parallel to skin cells. So there.
I decided not to take any “gorey” photos, but this one slipped past the “gore” detail, even though the red on these feathers is given by the duck’s blood.
After the soapy bath
I had so much fun taking photos of bubbles! These are the best two (in my opinion)
The male’s neck feathers. Beautiful!

In the end, we ate the duck. I took other photos of the cooking process, so probably will post them in another moment but…suffice to say that they were good. Very good!

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