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Spider Web in the Fog

on a leaf

Spider Webs in the Fog



What a wonderful life it must be.

Koi Carps


The River

There’s a photo of a sexy fisherman in this post. Come on….come see!

Ice ice…


Sitting by the dock of the bay

I found this.

Macro Duck

I received a macro lens for my Nikon for Christmas. And then, the next day, a friend of mine gave me two ducks he had recently killed. I’m not in favour of hunting, as it is, but this particular hunter is my friend, is… Continue Reading “Macro Duck”

Just a wall

Taking photos of…yes, you read it: a wall. But so much more!

The sea from a train

When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw.

The dam

When we went to the Valle del Jerte, we also stopped to check out this dam.

Icy drops

Macro photography in Valdelavilla