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Icy drops

Macro photography in Valdelavilla

Floating babies

Hunting with my Macro lens for Micro subjects

A day with Khaleesi

Not only humans are aware of the importance of a good pose.

I couldn’t not

…do this

Urban Nature

This week’s photo contest theme

It’s Spring here…

…is it Spring there, too?

Dead Dahlia

Yet another outing at the Jardin Botanico


As you might have noticed, it’s officially Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, at least in Europe, I’m not sure about everyone else. On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens of Madrid and it was beautiful. The flowers (yes, there were flowers), the… Continue Reading “Leaves”

The Heeland coo

I went to Scotland last week. I saw the Highland Cow (or Heeland Coo, as it’s pronounced in the incredibly difficult Scottish accent dictates). On wikipedia, they are described as a long-horned, wavy-haired cows whose coat can be black, brindled, red, yellow or dun.… Continue Reading “The Heeland coo”