A day with Khaleesi

So yes, my friend is a Game of Thrones fan. Aren’t all my friends? No? Well she definitely is. And she has a really cool cat with an incredibly apt name: Khaleesi. She’s an oriental siamese (tabby point), which is, to be clear, more or less what the two siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp are. I wasn’t expecting her to be quite so thin (her tail is whip-thin!), so friendly and so diva. As soon as the camera came out, it was as if she knew; her first pose was on the side, head tilted over her shoulder, intense gaze. Any model photographer’s dream!



Then we moved from the outside to my friend’s crafts room, with magical things such as sheets of paper, balls of paper, moving paper, amazing paper, mysterious paper, noisy paper …


…and coloured fluffy balls that are not interesting or magical at all.


She was nonplussed.



The balls simply weren’t as inspiring and the scrunchy paper.



We ended our session in complete boredom, but not after these cute shots of an amazing pet were taken! Thank you to both Khaleesi and her owner for our fun session!


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