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a heavy heavy bunch of love

A Walk in the Woods (Stockholm edition)

A beaver and a woman walking her pet … which was not the pet I was expecting to see!

Our Guppies

and they’re quoting famous authors, too


His owner did say: “pelota si, cepillo no” 😀


Westies are great!

Panchi and Lua

Not only are they adorable…they’re up for adoption, too!

Paint me….

…like one of your french girls…

I gatti dell’Anto

Originally I hadn’t published them because something bad happened….read on to discover the whole story 😉

A bittersweet Christmas

without Kitzy Pooh

A day with Khaleesi

Not only humans are aware of the importance of a good pose.

Harvey the Larvey

The other day I looked at my beautiful sunflower and my eyes zero-ed in to what appeared to be – on no, it totally WAS a larva. A disgusting, tiny, hairy, creepy crawling larva on my beautiful sunflower! Yikes! I think I actually “yiked”… Continue Reading “Harvey the Larvey”