I gatti dell’Anto

One of my best friends found two abandoned kittens in her barn and readily adopted them.

When I went to visit, they were half grown and gorgeous. Leo, the boy, was all black and white and cuddles and love and do-whatever-you-want-to-me-I’m-yours. Cleo, a posh female snowshoe siamese, could barely tollerate my presence. I took these photos, right before tragedy struck.

Leo went missing. They searched, they called, they put posters up. Then, they looked for his body. After a month, we knew he wouldn’t come back.

After four months, he was found on the other side of the city. Fat, healthy and ready to go home. Where he was remains a mystery….but if anything he’s become even cuddlier 🙂






Cleo is SO cross-eyed! Here are two funny pics :p



and my favourite of them all:


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