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Paint me….

…like one of your french girls…

I gatti dell’Anto

Originally I hadn’t published them because something bad happened….read on to discover the whole story 😉

Cat Sitting

two gorgeous cats I took care of for a week

The Horse and The Cat

A short story inspired by a few photos I took last autumn

A bittersweet Christmas

without Kitzy Pooh

Rumbo al Norte – Day 9: the black one

Yet another feline encounter!

Rumbo al Norte – Day 7: snowshoe siamese

Another cat comes to stay (but just for a few minutes, no worries!)

Rumbo al Norte – Day 6

Everyone should go here (but in winter!)

Rumbo al Norte – Day 2: the albino cat

that needed some company

Italian Grumpy Cat

Grumpy and Photogenic – he has all the luck.

Canary Cats

We met a group of photogenic cats during our tour of Tenerife

Heaps of wool and one very elegant black cat

A memory

The ca(c)t(us)

A cactus. A cat. A ca(c)t(us).