Rumbo al Norte – Day 9: the black one

Remember the albino cat we met in Portugal?

And the snowshoe siamese in Asturias?

Well. We met a thick, heavy black cat in the Basque country. When we parked our car to start our hike towards Gaztelugatxe, I heard an insisted, low miaoing and turned – he trotted all the way up to where we were standing, miaoing constantly and immediately rubbing our legs for attention.

Attention was duly given to him.

A black cat with a cute white bikini, he too couldn’t be deprived of a photo shoot. My hands were, however, extremely busy in cuddling said cat who had in the meantime settled on my lap, so most photos here are Boyfriend’s doing.







The purring and massaging was so loud and intense that I thought he’d follow us when we took the path towards the sanctuary, but he just lay in the sun where I had left him.

There was no sign of the cat when we returned.

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