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Still Birds

A short story for two pretty photos

The Horse and The Cat

A short story inspired by a few photos I took last autumn


One of our first black market experiences

Horseriding in Madrid

This probably isn’t going to end well.


How the dahlia got its stripes

The real Red Wedding

Of dust and blood and other such things

Magic Mayo

Truly magical

Sushi – a photostory

A story made of photos of an incredible culinary experience!

…I met Jamiroquai…

But didn’t take these photos, unfortunately.

… We met The Jellyfish(er)Man

So last weekend we went to Valencia. We spent the first day in the city, which was unexpectedly beautiful; I am very, very critical of cities so I surprised myself in loving it. ((A teacher recently reminded me that “to love” is not a… Continue Reading “… We met The Jellyfish(er)Man”

…I tried to take a warm shower and nearly roasted myself, instead?

What to do and what not to do when trying to take a hot shower. With a manual, gas burner.