Sushi – a photostory

A few weeks ago we went to a Sushi course.

A few days ago, we made Sushi.

This is the photostory of these happenings.

This is where we were. A small, one-room art gallery slash cooking school. The paintings were interesting and the experience fantastic.
The Chef and our fantastic teacher, Rodrigo Bernasconi. Né Argentinian, but with clear Italian ancestors! He confided that he likes Sushi but fresh pasta is his thing.

Rodrigo said that the most important thing is the rice. If the rice is perfect, everything else will be fine. Most of all, you must remember to let it rest: first, after it’s been rinsed, it has to rest in the water. Then, when it’s cooked, it has to rest in the water. Then, when it’s cooled and vinegared, it has to rest (this time, not in the water!). Japanese rice is easily tired.

We learnt how to place the seaweed sheets: shiny side down and with the sheets lines alined with the rolling mat’s columns. O_o
We were told how many centimetres of rice to gently place (not spread! not spread!) on the sheets of seaweed, and that some space needs to be left above and below so as to ensure the correct closing of the roll.
We learnt the art of rolling Sushi. Not as easy as I thought, but… learnable. I just need a bit of practice!
We were VERY happy 🙂


Cutting the Sushi needs a GOOD KNIFE, that has been wet so as not to stick to the very very sticky rice and ruin the whole thing.
Different samples of Sushi, which means basically “rice with vinegar”
California rolls. We did not try these at home, but will next time. They were good, but the rice on the outside made little difference to the taste and was more difficult to do. The photo is cool, though.
21:00 – time to dig in!
21:05 – the locusts have left.

Two weeks later….

And then, here we are at home! Our ingredients were classic with a twist: salmon, tuna, anchovies and avocado, carrots and… strawberries!
Our result: not bad, huh?! I guess we’ll be making our own Sushi FOR EVER!
Honestly? I liked the anchovy-strawberry combination the best. Try it, you’ll be surprised!


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