Springtime Swap, take 2

Spring is back!

And, yet again, I was lucky to be able to participate in the annual Springtime Swap organised by Dawn. Totally psyched, I started thinking about what I’d send my partner, Heidi. Then I started a new job. And sort of forgot. Then two weekends ago I got Heidi’s package, which was a fantastic surprise and a gentle reminder of the fact that….uhm…I hadn’t done anything yet!

What Heidi sent

So on Sunday I opened my magic crafty box, took everything out and concentrated. Spring. Creativity. Colour. Spring. Spring. Spring.

This is what I made.



What I did







I got an email last night saying that the package had arrived safe and sound.

Here’s the photo Heidi sent me of the magnet, already on her fridge!



One Comment on “Springtime Swap, take 2

  1. I’m so glad you were able to participate again! Thank you so much for joining, and for taking the time to make things! I’m glad Heidi was able to have a place for the lucky ladybugs. 😉 That gift bag is quite pretty, too, and very spring-like! And even though you had to package everything up to make sure it made the trip overseas, you did a great job of making everything look pretty! Thanks again for joining in.


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