Rumbo al Norte – Day 6

Since yesterday I forgot about the tides and all we saw of the Playa as Catedrais (the Cathedrals beach) was this, today we set the alarm well before dawn and drove 1 hour back to the beach. We got there in a tiny window of time between darkness and high tide… but it was perfect.


Here are the famous Cathedrals. We were two of the few people that actually got to see them, because the low tide left knee-deep water. So we took our shoes off, rolled up our trousers and waded to see them. Might I add that it’s december. And the Atlantic Ocean. And before the sun came up. Point made?


Still… look how beautiful and unique.

The tide was already coming back in when, after about 15mins of photo-taking, we went back to dry ground.


This summer, for the first time, you couldn’t go down to the beach without reserving first. And there were queues to take photos at the best spots. Personally, I think winter is the best month for touristing around.

Obviously I didn’t just look at the rocks….

The mussels that covered all the rocks were a thick, almost velvety shade of black.
There were sea tomatoes and sea anemones
and even percebes, a delicacy in Spain, protected by large signs reminding everyone that it was illegal to harvest them!


Remember how it was yesterday?


Much calmer today!

After taking a generous amount of photos and time at As Catedrais beach, we drove along the coast and saw some more interesting sites.

As Illas beach


And Playa del Silencio (Silence Beach)


And well, some random animals.



I’m a bit worried, because my camera didn’t perform very well today. The edges of the photos are smudged and it takes a really long time to focus. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow… fingers crossed!

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