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Changing 1 ingredient makes a world of difference

Arugula Pesto. Who knew?!

Fire-Crazed Catalunyians

not for the faint hearted

Sweet and Summery

Perfect for these last summer days

Macro Micro Shells

three of my favourite!

Macro Micro Shells

there were so many and so tiny

Macro Micro Shells

they’re so tiny!

Orchid Madness

Number 28

Macro Micro Shells

they were so so so so so so small!

Summery stuffed tomatoes

Fun, fresh and zesty. Everyone’s going to love this new recipe!

The River

There’s a photo of a sexy fisherman in this post. Come on….come see!

Beef salad

Perfect for a healthy lunch on a hot summer day

Summer Meatballs

Perfect for your typical 40 degree summer evening in Spain

Casa de Campo

A great day with a lot of photos to choose from!


Four photos of summer

Pure beauty

my new desktop

Is it over already?

Is it true?

It’s August. We need shade.

I’m melting.

Luxurious Lilacs

Summer, insects and olive trees, apparently.

The ca(c)t(us)

A cactus. A cat. A ca(c)t(us).


It’s Spring in Spain. It’s been Spring for quite a while, but when last week after two looong weeks of rain, the sun came out and temperatures shot up to 27^C, everyone I know suddenly was on the same theme as every year, saying… Continue Reading “Spring”