Is it over already?

Here in Madrid, Spain, we lived through a heat wave that lasted from the 26th of June until the second week of August.

It wasn’t hot. It wasn’t windy. It was like living in a hairdryer, day and night. Because the problem wasn’t so much the heat, or the temperatures we reached – it was the fact that at night the temperatures stayed high and we never had a chance to cool down.

The other night, for the first time in months, I had to close our bedroom window because it was getting slightly chilly.

Does this mean that our summer days are over? Does this mean another year has slipped by, barely noticed? The mere hint of a thought fills me with panic.

Time for a glass of white wine.


We went to the Torres winery a few years ago and, since then, it has been my favourite Spanish wine. Not only because of their effort to be as green as possible, but also because what they make is really, really good.

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