It’s Spring in Spain. It’s been Spring for quite a while, but when last week after two looong weeks of rain, the sun came out and temperatures shot up to 27^C, everyone I know suddenly was on the same theme as every year, saying that summer had arrived skipping spring, global warming was to blame, it was snowing two days ago and now it was summer.
I am always amazed at the collective memory loss that happens every year during Spring and Autumn. How is it that everyone simply forgets the Spring not only was, but is happening right now? We spent a week wearing tshirts during the day and light cotton sweaters in the evenings until yesterday, when temperatures dropped again (not that much, minimums are about 6^C). It’s normal. It’s called Spring.
By the by, Spring fruit salads are the best kind. You can still have oranges and mandarins but can also throw in the best strawberries around and the odd pear. Love them!

5 Comments on “Spring

  1. Allora vediamo, qui in Hibernia e’ Primavera ma la temperatura al momento e’ di 6 gradi percepiti 2! Come la mettiamo? Commenti simili a quelli a cui ti riferisci qui li puoi ascoltare solo a proposito dell’Estate! Lo scorso anno un comico disse “Summer came on a Monday. I was sleeping and I missed it!”
    E a proposito di Spring, grazie della Zen jar! Ieri ho avuto amici a cena e molti hanno letto tutta la tua descrizione mentre la scrutavano. Great conversation piece!


  2. Hi Margherita,

    My name is Jess and I am your May Swap partner:) Hello! Just wanted to say that I have been very disorganised this month and am sending your package today so it may be a bit late, so sorry but hope it arrives quickly and you enjoy it:)


    Hi Margherita,

    My name is Jess and I am your May Swap partner:) I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been very un-organised this month and am just sending your package today:/
    So sorry but I hope it arrives to you soon and you enjoy it!!

    Hope you are having a lovely week:)

    Jess x x



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