Springtime Swap


I am feeling the spring right now. Maybe it’s because I just moved back to SPain after a few weeks of Norway. Or maybe it’s because today the sun is out, after quite a few days of rain. Certainly, the “Springtime Swap” idea is helping quite a bit!Image

I recently visited this blog and found out about this wonderful initiative: it’s called the Springtime Swap (I also figured out how to add links to words in my blog, so I guess I’m going to start doing that more often) and what happens is that whoever wants to signs up (by sending an email – all the info is on the blog), receives an email with the address of another signer-upper and then sends a cute, colourful, springtime gift to that person! It works as a full circle – someone will have your name (because you signed up) and you’ll receive a present, too.
I signed up, and am extremely happy and excited about it. I already know what I’m going to send and, well, simply can’t wait! It’s a great way of celebrating spring and a good way to keep busy during these rainy days.


What about you? Thinking of signing up? 

3 Comments on “Springtime Swap

  1. C’è anche da dire che c’è una persona in particolare che ti segnala SEMPRE cose FANTASTICHE 😀
    Tra qualche giorno sarò a Torino, pronta a organizzarmi come si deve. Mi sembra quasi una caccia al tesoro. Sarebbe stato carino inviarci un trackable nel pacco, ma purtroppo non sono riuscita ad andare nel paesino dove avevo visto che ce n’era uno 😛


  2. Oh, wow! Thank you, Margherita, for sharing about this on your site! I really appreciate it, and I thank you! I hope you enjoy the experience!


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