Never Alone

I consider myself a social person. I knew this already, but I finally knew it on the day I had my “Saturday quest” in Granada. I was feeling lonely and set myself some tasks to do that sunny, sunny autumn day so I’d feel as if I had an aim that weekend.
The first thing was to find and attend a free jazz concert in a square in town. I found the square (arriving, as usual, early). The audience was waiting sitting on the ground, basking in the sunlight, and I started interacting with a small child that was playing around me. The father comes up, we discover we’re both new to the city, we talk and pass the time. The concert starts and about halfway through two people start dancing under the stage – a rock and roll swing sort of dance. They were incredible, and I took a few photos. Here’s one of the dancers and the singers in the background:

When the concert was finished, I went up to the two dancers and gave them my email so they could contact me if they wanted the photos. They were very happy, and we talked a while. The guy was Italian, like me, so we had quite a lot to talk about (as all Italians do!) – they invited me to try their dance lessons, I invited them for a drink, sometime. We’re still in touch.
I then met Tom, a colleague of mine, for a glass of wine, a tapa and a coffee in a new bar we had been checking out but had never really gone into. The waiters were all anglophones and we had a great time.

the coffee. Italian, too!

I then continued on my quest, looking for the murals of a man named “El Niño del las Pinturas” that I had been reading about. I wanted to join a free tour, but because of the wine-food-coffee break missed the meeting place. Confident, I followed the hand drawn (by moi) map of Granada and started finding his works. This is my favourite

Social women :)

About ten minutes later I ran into a group taking a tour, speaking English and talking about the murals..I walked up to the man that looked like the leader of the pack and asked if he was the guide; turns out he was, and I joined the group, chatting more than taking photos 🙂 This photo I took (there’s a mural in the background) looks totally as if it’s been set up, with actors and all, but I promise it was a complete coincidence!

Coincidentally perfect

My Saturday quest was done. I had been with a previous acquaintance (Tom) for only one hour out of the whole day but had never actually been alone. I guess a social person is never really alone, and has the luxury of being able to actually chose if to be left alone or not – I think that probably shy people don’t have the choice: if no one speaks to them, it’s much more difficult for them to talk to others, even though they might want to.

What do you think? Are any of you shy, have any of you ever wanted to just have some company but couldn’t because you lacked that extra extrovertness?

Random view of Granada

One Comment on “Never Alone

  1. I lack it. That extra extrovertness, I mean. But it’s not just about talking to people, I think. Because I do it whenever I feel able to. It’s the connection that’s missing. That’s the hardest part.

    Gorgeous photos, Marghe. The first and the fourth are AMAZING!


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