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Orchid Madness

Number 27

Orchid Madness

Number 13

Flowers and weeds

and a wee bit of random poetry

A day with Khaleesi

Not only humans are aware of the importance of a good pose.


I had to take a photo for that weekly contest I participate in, remember? Well, the other day at school I saw this paper coffee cup in the sun and..it was perfect. Because I liked the photo so much, I’m going to publish it… Continue Reading “Light”

City slickers

Escaping from the city for the day

The Pangolin Ring

The pangolin-inspired ring. But it’s a secret, no one knows.

I couldn’t not

…do this

Urban Nature

This week’s photo contest theme

Polaroid N1 – La Marta

My constant

The Polaroid Project

The Mission Statement of one of the many projects I’m tackling these days!

It’s Spring here…

…is it Spring there, too?

Standing out

colour power

Dead Dahlia

Yet another outing at the Jardin Botanico

Tempura Tuesday

Easy and cheap Tempura at home!

Indian Secret Sunday

I tripped over a post on facebook two weeks ago. It said something like this: Don’t know what’s going on in this photo? Like this page to know what you missed. A photo was attached, of a laid table with food on it. I… Continue Reading “Indian Secret Sunday”

The white rabbit

I was in my hometown in Italy, at my favourite bakery, which also happens to be one of my good friend’s. It was dark outside (unfortunately quite common in winter…isn’t it awful how little light there is during the winter in the northern hemisphere?!)… Continue Reading “The white rabbit”

More Autumn, more leaves

A while ago, in Oslo, I saw this tree. Too amazing not to take photos of!


A few weeks ago a very, very beautiful drawing started going around facebook. It was by Morgan Davidson, quite the talented artist, and it inspired me both because of the colours, the autumn warmth and the fact that the girl looks like me. Vaguely.… Continue Reading “Inspiration”

Reclaimed Sunday

As I was saying in my previous post, today I unexpectedly found myself with time on my hands. Being a bit less than happy I decide to fix me up with some yummy Sunday lunch. Eggs, bacon, crumpets (crumpets!) ((CRUMPETS!!)) and a nice healthy orange-mandarin-lime… Continue Reading “Reclaimed Sunday”