The white rabbit

I was in my hometown in Italy, at my favourite bakery, which also happens to be one of my good friend’s. It was dark outside (unfortunately quite common in winter…isn’t it awful how little light there is during the winter in the northern hemisphere?!) and there was a small group of us drinking some bubbles and eating some leftovers (bakeries are great for that: you can’t sell most things the next day so evenings are a synonym of free-food-time) when the small glass door opened and a little boy walked in. He had long blond hair (I only just discovered the difference between “blond” and “blonde”), a jacket and.. a large white rabbit in his arms. Called “SX”, he told us. (Not “sex”, as we had at first understood).

2013-11-23 19.32.21

I questioned his reality, so I took a photo.

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