Illegal painters

The other day, in London, we were walking around Trafalgar Square and there were these phone booths. I thought the colours were cute and the message inspiring. I took a photo.


Then I heard a voice. A man’s voice.

“Excuse me?”

I was ready. No, I don’t know where (insert requested address here) is, but I do know where Trafalgar Square is, and I think Leichester Square is that way.

“Do you like it?” French accent. Smile.
“The booth painting?”
“Yes.” smiles again. A doubt crosses my mind
“Yes… I do, actually! Did you paint it?”
Another smile.
“Yes! Last night. And I’m curious to know if people like it!”

How nice is that? He was looking for feedback! So I assured him that I did like his art and then asked him for a photo… That’s him, there. His name is Benjamin Maurice, but I haven’t found him on the net yet. What do you think?


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