Indian Secret Sunday

I tripped over a post on facebook two weeks ago. It said something like this:

Don’t know what’s going on in this photo? Like this page to know what you missed.

A photo was attached, of a laid table with food on it. I love food (it’s my only weakness). I clicked on “this” and was redirected to a page. Called “Secret Sunday” and with a very high level of mystery. I was taken. After that I exchanged a few emails and found out the details: tonight boyfriend and I are going to our first Secret Sunday event in Madrid, we’re going to eat Indian food…. and I’ve had India in my head all day long. So I thought I’d post this photo, that I took a few years back in India, I think near Ranthambore. He’s just so….happy.



Check out this website, especially if you’re in the UK!

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