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Random photo

of ladybirds in Oslo


shhhh..they’re sleeping!

Tulip Tuesday – classic

This tulip was a soft pink with white fringes. Not spectacular but pretty in its own quiet way.

Tulip Tuesday – unique

Have you ever seen a black tulip? I hadn’t, until these popped out of my mother’s garden in Oslo. Their colour was so thick and deep and rich that I still don’t think these two photos show the exact shade of purpley-black, but they… Continue Reading “Tulip Tuesday – unique”

More Autumn, more leaves

A while ago, in Oslo, I saw this tree. Too amazing not to take photos of!


I do it all the time. Especially because I’m rarely in the same place more than three months. I do it every time I move and go to somewhere “new”, even though the somewhere “new” is a house I’ve been to and/or lived in… Continue Reading “Nesting”